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History of Bell Canyon

Guarding the entrance to Bell Canyon is jagged sandstone peak known today as “Castle Peak” but once served as an ancient shrine to the Chumash Indians.

Until 1967 Bell Canyon was a working cattle ranch known as Ward Ranch. Ward Ranch was purchased by a partnership of the Spruce Land Corporation and Boise-Cascade. The developers wanted to create a community that embraced its California roots but provided a modern community. The developers hired renowned architect Cliff May to create this perfect blend of Indoor/outdoor living the temperate Southern California climate perfectly supported. Cliff May’s design philosophy was to build out, not up and to create a living environment that was in harmony with the homeowner’s California lifestyle. Cliff May was commissioned to design the community buildings and Equestrian Center. The developers staying true to May’s philosophy carefully placed roads and home sites with minimum impact to the natural setting. Home sites were developed with an average size over an acre further adding to the sense of space and privacy.

Upon its completion the developer’s concept was well received by the Southern California community and within ten days almost all the 800 home sites were sold. Todays residents continue to enjoy Bell Canyon’s concept. One statistic that clearly demonstrates this fact is Bell Canyon residents stay in their home twice as long as the average California homeowner.

Clearly residents enjoy Bell Canyon in much the same way, as did the Chumash. The sunsets are awe-inspiring, the natural surroundings breathtaking and the bonus of a strong community to enjoy these with. Keeping it that way has been the mission of the Bell Canyon Association and the many community volunteers who give their time and energy to making Bell Canyon an enjoyable community now and for years to come.